Customer Testimonials

Jul 2015
Marylebone Removal Company did a wonderful job with my home removal. They arrived on time, packed everything and delivered all my items quickly and carefully. The team was very polite, friendly and did everything they could to help me. Wonderful team, excellent service.
Lottie Fynn

Feb 2015
We were moving my mum into a residential home and doing the work ourselves, to cut costs. We used van hire from RemovalsMarylebone and it was excellent. The vans came in different sizes and were all new models. A great price for a high quality vehicle!
Karen Williams

Nov 2014
My business partner and I had been putting off moving offices for some time, until we came across RemovalsMarylebone’s website and all the options available for office relocation purposes. After giving them a quick ring and outlining our needs we felt confident of their ability to deliver a quick, smooth and professional service, which is exactly what they did. We were moved into our spanking new spacious offices over a weekend, which mean limited interruption to our business operations! Marvellous!
Amy Whelan

Nov 2014
I can see why RemovalsMarylebone are so popular! I called this removals company after shopping around a bit, and decided to go with them because of their reputation and competitive prices. It was great to speak to people who are really sharp about their business, and work with such a motivated bunch!
Richard F.

Sep 2014
I have no doubts that moving house without RemovalsMarylebone would have been a disaster. You can’t get away with doing a large house removal without a really good removals company, but I was expecting to have to pay a lot more than we did for the team. The guys were great, making sure that everything was taken care of, and we had a laugh as well. We were very impressed by the way that they handled the move, and will certainly be using them again in the future!
Joan Campbell

Aug 2014
Knowing that you have a great deal is one of the best things that can come out of the sometimes difficult search for a removals company. I tend to find that the resulting effect is one of confidence, knowing that your removal is already costing you less than It could have makes the whole thing a little easier to handle, and that comes through in how well the job goes through. I had a very easy time with RemovalsMarylebone, from getting a great quote, to having a laugh with the movers, it was all good.
H. Cooper

Jul 2014
A friend suggested that I hire a removal van from RemovalsMarylebone when I needed one for my house move. The van hiring process was really quick and easy and the staff member I spoke to was obviously very professional and asked loads of questions that no other company had ever asked before. This company worked really hard to understand what it was I was looking for from my removal van, and I ended up with the ideal vehicle on moving day! I’d use this service again in the future, I’m very impressed with the service and the staff!
Matt T.

Jun 2014
I can’t think of many things worse than moving home. It must be something to have to pack up everything in your home and shift it so far; I’m shocked so many people do it so often. I managed to get help from RemovalsMarylebone and I can say that they made the whole experience a lot easier. While I hate moving, I enjoyed their advice and it definitely made a difference to how quickly I could get everything done. Best moving experience I’ve had and I put that entirely down to the help I received from these guys. Thanks.
Tim Turner

Jun 2014
RemovalsMarylebone are superb! They turned up on moving day bang on time, and within not much more than half an hour, they’d boxed all my stuff up and were loading it into the moving van! I was very impressed with the driver too – he knew exactly what he was doing and had some excellent shortcut routes off the beaten path memorised. At the other end, the team effortlessly shifted all my stuff into my new home – stairs were no object, even though there were two flights. Minimum hassle, maximum satisfaction – a winning formula!
Bret Gunn

May 2014
RemovalsMarylebone were a masterclass! They helped us get everything in order in double quick time. They provided us with top of the range packing materials and accessories for a small fee, which proved invaluable! Helped us get to our self-storage facility in record time and unpacked everything so rapidly it left us our afternoon free – something we hadn’t imagined we’d be able to do! Writing this as I enjoy a nice cup of tea – thanks a lot guys! We’ll be seeing you again in the future I’m certain!
Nicholas Mason

May 2014
I don’t know the first thing about moving house, but I do know a good service when I get one! RemovalsMarylebone did so much for me that I could not have asked for more, from helping to plan and pack everything before they even started moving boxes! I thought that the price was extremely agreeable given how much they did for me, and it was an absolute pleasure to have them around the house whilst they were working on the removal. A wonderful group of people, and an excellent job done all in all!
Hazel Woods

Apr 2014
I’ve moved a few times in the past, but I don’t think it’s ever been quite this easy. RemovalsMarylebone have managed to eradicate all the memories I had of difficult moving situations and I know for a fact that they are the first company I will call when we want to move home next time. I can’t recall a time when I’ve been so relaxed during a house move and I’m sure that’s not the normal procedure. I’m usually tearing my hair out, but their employees made sure that I was content during the entire moving process. Excellent.
Patrick Bryant

Apr 2014
I hired professional movers for my house move from RemovalsMarylebone and I have to say that the service was absolutely impeccable. From the moment that my movers arrived, they were nothing short of excellent. They were able to quickly load up the moving van without any hassles or problems at all, and they even managed to lift and carry my heavy furniture! This is an amazing removal service, and the prices were fantastically affordable too! I have no complaints whatsoever, and I would recommend this service to anyone! Thank you for all of the help, couldn’t have managed without you!
Stephen Mayers

Mar 2014
I was moving to a smaller house and had a lot of personnel belongings to move that were valuable. I was concerned about the safety of my things as I had had them a long time. But, I needn’t have worried RemovalsMarylebone did a first class job with the whole process. My daughter had recommended them and from my first call I was greeted with friendly and helpful people, who went that extra step to make sure I got an excellent service. I arranged to have all of my possession packed professionally as well as delivered and the price was reasonable as well.
Irene Cope

Feb 2014
I really hate moving house, and I know I am probably not the only one. It is something you only consider when you really need to, but the family had grown and we were in need of some more space. We hired RemovalsMarylebone to carry out the removal after a recommendation from a friend, and I have to say we were really impressed with how they went about their work. They were helpful and informative on the build up, and on the day things went like clockwork. They made the whole process bearable, there were no hiccups and we were in our new home the same day.

Jan 2014
I was helping my daughter move into her new home and I needed to find a removal van that was going to be suitable for this purpose. We didn’t have a very high budget but we did have a lot of items to take with us, and RemovalsMarylebone helped us with all of our needs for every step of the way! This is a great removal company where all the staff are friendly and ready to give you help and advice. They made my daughter’s move into an easy process that didn’t cause me any stress at all. It’s very well-priced as well.